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Understanding the Types of Printing in Today’s Digital Age

February 29, 2024

Crafting Visual Stories Through Effective Collateral Design Strategies

Consider two marketing scenarios. The first involves Company A, which opts for a straightforward approach to flyer distribution, presenting just the essential details of an event alongside one or two images. On the other hand, Company B takes a more thoughtful path, crafting its flyers with careful attention to layout, color schemes, and typography to…

Navigating the Pre-Press Process From Start to Print

Pre-press is the secret step in the design process for the publishing and printing industry that turns a preliminary design into a print-ready file. Regardless of whether you’re printing an artwork, business card, magazine, or newspaper, somebody is going through the design to check for typos, formatting problems, or color issues.  That’s pre-press, in a…

The Impact of the Image Proof on Projects

No photograph, product design, or magazine layout ever makes its way to print or production without first passing through the proofing stage. It’s the final hurdle – the last chance to pinpoint errors and make corrections. An image proof, therefore, saves companies potentially thousands (or even millions) of dollars in product recalls and reputational damage….

The Future of Digital Press Printing Techniques and Innovations

Digital press printing, also known simply as digital printing, has revolutionized modern printing practices. Involving the transfer of digital files directly onto the print substrates, it skips all the headache and hassle of traditional offset printing – think printing plates and adding inks.  The benefits? Shorter print runs, enhanced customization, and reduced costs are just…

Why a Color Proof Is Important for Maintaining Brand Consistency

Some brands are unmistakable. Just a hint of their color or logo tells you everything you need to know. Whether it’s McDonald’s golden arches or John Deere’s tractor green (with yellow highlights), color and branding go hand in hand. Little wonder then that designers and printers rely on a color proof to correct any mistakes…

Navigating the World of Prepress Solutions for Superior Print Quality

Sending a completed design for final printing is a risky business. Any mistakes, formatting errors, typos, or other problems will be reproduced for mass consumption. Rectifying these issues could cost tens of thousands of dollars in reprints – and cause embarrassment for the company involved. Prepress solutions tackle this problem. Prepress refers to the stage…

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