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Kaylie Meek
December 2, 2019

Ashore vs. ConceptShare

There are a lot of approval websites out there, offering a bevy of features that can help you improve your approval rates. When hunting for the right system for you, consider your current workflow – are you sending proofs to internal or external reviewers, how many reviewers do you have,…

Kaylie Meek
November 14, 2019

Tell Right From Wrong With All These Types of Printing Proofs

When it comes to design, copywriting, or really any sort of creation during your job, there is likely an approval process that goes along with it. When it comes to printing, however, the stakes get a little higher. While it’s embarrassing to find a typo on your website copy, you…

Kaylie Meek
November 5, 2019

Use a Proof Software that Improves Feedback

Virtual proofs are a necessity for many printers. Simply proofing an engraving plate or flat label design doesn’t really tell your clients what the actual product will look like, after all. Having the product mockup – the virtually delivered soft proof – is essential to getting the project done well….

Kaylie Meek
October 24, 2019

Ashore vs. Cage App

There are a lot of different proofing solutions out there, and finding the one for you can be an overwhelming endeavor. It’s an even bigger undertaking when you consider that many project management tools also include proofing capabilities. We’ll be taking a look at one such project management tool, Cage…

Kaylie Meek
September 27, 2019

Take Your Shop Digital with an Online Print Proofing System

Print shops have existed for a long time, but that doesn’t mean your technology needs to be as old as the profession. In the age of printing centers such as Kinkos, print shops offer a more personalized service that customers enjoy, and you can better your services with an online…

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