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Cody Miles
November 29, 2018

Captain’s Log | November 2018

The voyage of Ashore continued in November with these new features and product developments! This month, we launched a new Tags feature. With this new feature, Ashore users will be able to sort and categorize proofs with custom “tags”. Tags are perfect for organizing larger projects! Ashore is experiencing a…

Cody Miles
November 24, 2018

How to Use Tags to Categorize Proofs

In the same way that a news site can have categories for articles filed under news, opinion or sports, Tags allow you to sort and group proofs into different sections. This feature is really helpful for creatives who have a lot of proofs that are part of a larger project….

Abby Nash
November 19, 2018

Creative Agency Software: Ashore vs. Filestage

We know, Ashore is amazing. But no matter how phenomenal we are, it’s always healthy to survey the field and make sure our creative agency software continues to meet the mark. Today, we are doing just that with a design proofing tool out of Germany called Filestage. Filestage is among…

Cody Miles
November 3, 2018

How to Integrate Your Email with Ashore

  One of Ashore’s greatest features is the ability to send proofs from your own email. We do this through our integration with a company called Postmark. When you select the verify button, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Postmark. Be sure to confirm! If you don’t, Ashore will not…

Abby Nash
October 24, 2018

How Approval Process Software Can Fix Your Productivity Problem

If you’ve ever needed sign-off from an approver to get a project completed, you’ve likely experienced the Productivity Problem. The Productivity Problem occurs when approvers fail to meet their deadlines and creatives lack the tools to hold them accountable. The problem can be summed up in a single question: what…

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