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Cody Miles
April 8, 2019

New Creative Agency Podcast from Ashore

In the premiere episode of the Ashore Podcast, Cody and Abby discuss the problem with startup culture, and how creatives can better understand their approvers. Cody Miles: Welcome to the podcast. This is the Ashore Podcast. My name is Cody Miles. I’m the founder of Ashore. Before we get started,…

Abby Nash
March 28, 2019

5 Features You Didn’t Consider in Online Design Sign Off Software

If you already use an online design sign off software – or you’re doing research to find the right one – you’ve probably noticed some common trends. Most software operating under this banner usually have common features such as review and commenting abilities, version control management and even some workflow…

Abby Nash
March 15, 2019

Which Design Collaboration Tools Give you the Best Proofing Experience?

Here at Ashore, we talk a lot about collaboration. Its importance to the review and approval process cannot be overstated. Meaningful collaboration yields the best possible outcome for projects with the least number versions. When everyone’s voices are heard, it allows everyone to feel like they have a stake in…

Cody Miles
March 8, 2019

Captain’s Log | February 2019

In February, Ashore experienced its greatest growth ever, and it’s all thanks to you – our loyal fleet of users! Thank you for coming Ashore with us! In return, we have some exciting updates coming your way. We’ve been working hard to ship out a new API that will give…

Abby Nash
February 28, 2019

How Online Proofing Software for Printers Will Change Your Business

Print shops are flourishing in a new, modern age. With new technologies come new services, and printers are able to fulfil more orders than ever, but with this evolution, print shops also face new stresses. However, new online proofing software for printers has been created to help print shops keep…

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