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With Workfront Discontinuing, Ashore App is the Ideal Alternative

June 7, 2024

Ashore App Unveils Two Game-Changing Plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud

GEORGETOWN, TX—April 29, 2024—Ashore App, a leading provider of collaborative proofing solutions, announces the launch of two innovative plugins tailored for Adobe Creative Cloud users. With these plugins, creatives can maximize their productivity by managing their proofs without ever needing to leave their creative workspace. The new plugins, one for InDesign and Illustrator and the…

Streamline Printing with Print Shop Software Solutions

Print shops face numerous challenges, from proofing designs to speaking to clients. Print shop software helps streamline these processes by centralizing proofing and automating workflows. Relying on email communication to send designs and gather feedback wastes time and resources. Plus, it makes it too easy for people to mix up the wrong version, confusing the…

Understanding the Types of Printing in Today’s Digital Age

Printing has evolved significantly over the past century. Beginning with old-fashioned methods like lithography and screen printing, new technologies and developments now allow companies to print rapidly using digital printing techniques like inkjet or laser printing. Print shops and other companies can save considerable amounts of money thanks to these innovations, streamlining and personalizing the…

Crafting Visual Stories Through Effective Collateral Design Strategies

Consider two marketing scenarios. The first involves Company A, which opts for a straightforward approach to flyer distribution, presenting just the essential details of an event alongside one or two images. On the other hand, Company B takes a more thoughtful path, crafting its flyers with careful attention to layout, color schemes, and typography to…

Navigating the Pre-Press Process From Start to Print

Pre-press is the secret step in the design process for the publishing and printing industry that turns a preliminary design into a print-ready file. Regardless of whether you’re printing an artwork, business card, magazine, or newspaper, somebody is going through the design to check for typos, formatting problems, or color issues.  That’s pre-press, in a…

The Impact of the Image Proof on Projects

No photograph, product design, or magazine layout ever makes its way to print or production without first passing through the proofing stage. It’s the final hurdle – the last chance to pinpoint errors and make corrections. An image proof, therefore, saves companies potentially thousands (or even millions) of dollars in product recalls and reputational damage….

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