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Ashore Improves Email Deliverability With Newest Software Update

March 30, 2023 | Product News

March 30, 2023 | GEORGETOWN, TX—Ashore is proud to announce the release of several new features aimed at addressing issues caused by stricter spam policies recently introduced by email service providers, particularly Microsoft. These features include an option to send emails from your own SMTP server, expanded whitelabeling capabilities in email and an updated email template. 

Direct Send SMTP

Although our partners at Postmark have always followed best practices and provide Ashore with the best SMTP service on the market, we recognize the requirement for some users to send emails from their own servers. We’ve introduced a new Direct Send SMTP option that allows organizations to send Ashore emails from their own SMTP server. 

“While we have full confidence in Postmark,” explains Cody Miles, Founder and CEO of Ashore. “Direct Send SMTP allows our customers to have the option to rely on their own server to ensure deliverability.”

Expanded Whitelabeling in Emails

Ashore users have always been able to whitelabel their review links, but with this new update, we’ve extended this feature. Now, even the image links in user emails—which may include your logo, proof thumbnail, embedded images or images in your email signature—are also white labeled with your custom domain. This ensures that all links in your emails match the domain you’re sending from, improving deliverability. 

Update Email Template

Some ESPs can identify the content signature of an email and automatically mark it as spam, regardless of the actual content. To address this, our new email template improves email deliverability by introducing a new content signature.

“With this update, we’ve also improved the design of our email templates to have a stronger call-to-action and a less opinionated design,” says Miles. “Users savvy in CSS can also take advantage of more ways to style their emails.”

All of these changes effectively allow Ashore to get out of the way, so that nothing stands between you and your customers or clients. In fact, if you fully embrace all of these new features, there will be zero evidence of Ashore in any email transaction. This helps us ensure that our brand promise remains true, and you are most effective in your work.

“ESPs use advanced techniques to jail emails that appear to be spam or marketing content,” says Miles. “No email sent from Ashore is ever spam, and with these updates, we help ensure that our emails always get delivered in the main inbox.”

These updates are already live on Ashore. To take advantage of them, sign up or log in to your account today! 

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