White-labeled Software

Make Our Proofing Software Your Proofing Software

Have you ever wanted a proofing software of your very own? We did too (which is why we built Ashore), and now we’re sharing it with you. With our white-labeling capabilities, you can truly make the proofing process your own and give your approvers a curated experience from start to finish.

Upload your company logo to your Ashore account to display it on all review screens and emails sent from our software. Integrate your email with Ashore and ensure that all emails sent to clients will come from your branded email address. Finally, create a custom domain with your own website and white-label any review links you create in Ashore. Your clients will never even know the amazing review and approval experience you’re providing them isn’t coming from your agency. Ashore is happy to be your little secret, but don’t worry, we aren’t keeping any secrets from you. Sign up for our 14-day free trial today!

Product News

Ashore App Announces the Release of Live Web Proofing

With this new feature, approvers will be able to review and comment on live websites at various screen sizes. This new capability streamlines website development and review by enabling approvers to comment on live webpages, taking the guesswork out of feedback…

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Change Your URLs

When you add a custom domain URL, all of your review links will use your new subdomain instead of Ashore’s URL.

Upload Your Logo

Upload a custom logo to Ashore, and take advantage of white-labeling the review screens and all Ashore-generated emails.

Integrate Your Email

Integrate with Ashore’s email delivery service, Postmark, and send emails right from your own account.

Custom Style Editor

Fully customize your review screens by adding your own custom CSS. Our code editor gives you full control over your proofing experience.

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