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Ashore Announces Integration With Zapier

August 14, 2020 | Product News

August 14, 2020 | Georgetown, TX — Ashore is excited to announce an integration with task automation software, Zapier. This new integration allows Ashore users to connect with over 2,000 apps and further streamline their proofing and approval workflows. 

Zapier is a unique application that allows you to connect the apps you use everyday to help you tackle projects and manage work. With thousands of apps, including favorites such as Gmail, Slack, Stripe, Asana and Trello, and millions of ways to automatically jumpstart workflows with Zaps, Zapier is a huge time-saver for professionals across a variety of industries. Now, that automation and efficiency is available for Ashore users.

“By creating this integration with Zapier, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to Ashore’s mission: to give our users a better online proofing experience,” says Ashore CEO, Cody Miles. 

How exactly can a Zapier integration work with Ashore, you ask? Well, our users have found many different ways to utilize Zaps to optimize their processes. You can automatically trigger the creation of new proofs when an event occurs in a different app, or you can have the approval of your proofs trigger a new task somewhere else. You can even automatically add your customers as approvers. 

No matter how you apply this automation tool to your workflow, the goal is to relieve you of the burden of completing repetitive tasks, freeing you up to do more important things. 

“Zapier’s integration allows your softwares to interact with each other seamlessly,” explains Ashore’s Customer Success Manager, Kaylie Meek. “You get to have the specialization of Ashore’s proofing software and the specialization of your other software, with no compromises.”

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Ashore is an online proofing system built for high-velocity creatives that increases approval ratings by 50% by automating the approval process and improving the quality of feedback from approvers. Thousands of creatives worldwide rely on Ashore to delight their approvers with excellent, white-labeled proofing experiences.

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