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Which Online Proofing Software is for You: GoProof vs Ashore

November 3, 2017 | Capabilities

Automated, online proofing software is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for creatives. Whether you are a marketer, developer, designer or printer, you’ve likely realized the value in scaling your manual approval processes.

For this blog, we’ll take a look at GoProof, one of the proofing industry’s mainstays, and compare them with Ashore. 


You’ve likely already discovered GoProof. It’s one of our industry’s biggest fish, and it has most of the features you’d expect in online proofing. Like Ashore, it includes automated approval workflows, support for popular file types, and easy online access to proofs for free. 

With GoProof, you have control over all of the different versions of your proof with version control, allowing you to view previous versions and compare them side by side. You’ll also be able to track the progress of the proof with version history so you can follow the actions and changes on the proof. 

When it comes to automation, workflows are where it’s at. You can automate your proof’s journey in GoProof with workflows, and your proof will move from one stage to the next once the conditions that you’ve set have been met. 

Whether you’re working on a proof with coworkers or your clients, sometimes your attention needs to be on specific comments. In GoProof, you can request changes to be made on a proof, in addition to just commenting. 


Ashore allows you to automate your approval process with modifiable workflows and automated reminders. Your approvers do not need to create an account to proof a file either. They’ll simply receive a review link. Your approver’s proofing screen allows them to comment with various proofing tools directly on the media. 

You have two options when sending a proof within Ashore: you can use a review link, sending it out to all of your reviewers to add themselves to the proof, or you can use our workflows feature to automate your process. This is helpful when you’ve got multiple stages for your proof to go through, such as an internal review before your clients see the files. Ashore will move your proof to the next stage once everyone has approved the current stage. 

Need to keep track of changes on your file? Ashore’s Proof Timeline offers an audit log of every action taken on a proof, including copies of emails sent out and the status of the email – all the better to see when your clients have opened them. Even better, Ashore does this all automatically, so that’s one major advantage of online proofing software. 

Your approvers can comment to their heart’s content on the files, but sometimes you need that extra insurance that they’ve looked at the right things. That’s where Ashore e signature feature, checklists, comes in. Once your approver hits “Approve”, they’ll be prompted to acknowledge the customized checklist you’ve created, telling them to check for spelling, colors, graphics, whatever works for you. 

Both GoProof and Ashore offer a lot of amazing proofing features. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it – we’re a little bit biased, after all – you can try Ashore for yourself and discover all of our amazing features. 

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