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Ashore App Improves Digital Collaboration with Mentions Feature

September 30, 2020 | Product News

September 30, 2020 | Georgetown, TX — Ashore is eager to announce the release of our new Mentions feature. With this feature, users can notify people directly in the comments of a proof, further enhancing the efficiency of the proofing process.

Much like mentioning users on social media networks and other collaborative platforms, our Mentions feature in Ashore is designed to give users a more intuitive way to interact and share information with one another. With this new feature, users can mention anyone in the same workflow stage of a proof as themselves, including those who have accessed the proof via a review link. Any mention will trigger an email notification to the person who was referenced and allow them to view the comment thread.

“This feature is another step toward great digital collaboration,” says Ashore CEO, Cody Miles. “Great things can happen when creatives are able to really engage with each other.”

This new feature perfectly complements our previously established “View All Comments” proof setting. If a proof’s creator chooses to have View All Comments on, everyone receives notifications when a comment is made, and a mentioned person will be emailed about the comment directly. If the creator chooses to turn View All Comments off, people can only see their own comments unless they are mentioned, in which case they will be granted access to the comment thread moving forward. 

With Ashore’s new Mentions feature, users can bring the right people up to date with the click of a button – collaboration has never been so effortless. 

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