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Introducing a Creative Proof Software that Approvers Will Love As Much as You Do

Proofing is one of the most time-consuming, tedious parts of any project, and the creative minds behind Ashore know this better than most. That’s why we created a power proof software to streamline review and approval. Imagine sticking to your project timelines and hitting your deadlines. With our proofing software, that’s not only possible, it’s happening right now.

Getting started on Ashore is super easy. Just upload the files you want to proof – Ashore supports all major filetypes – and determine your proof options. You have the flexibility to decide whether approvers can download files, whether they can see each other’s comments, whether they have the option to approve with changes and whether they can separately approve each file in a proof.

For approvers, proofing on Ashore is a simple, intuitive process. Your approvers won’t need an account; they just click on the review link you’ve given them or Ashore sends them, and get started. Threaded comments and markup tools help them get their point across with ease. By putting their feedback in context directly on the proof, you’ll have a clearer idea of what they’re communicating. Everything, including feedback on multiple versions, is saved in one organized location.

Ashore users see their proofs approved up to 50% faster, and for each employee, up to five hours of work time each week can be reinvested into other endeavors. By automating the approval process, creatives no longer need to hunt down feedback or send numerous follow-up emails to their approvers. If you want to see if Ashore can put you back on course, it’s easy to get started with us. Sign up for a free 14-day trial today, and start sending proofs!

Proof Options

When you create a proof, Ashore gives users plenty of options such as allowing approvers to download files, view all comments, approve the proof with changes and approve individual files.

Website Capture

Add any website URL to your proof for review. Ashore will take a full-length screenshot of the webpage at common breakpoints, allowing approvers to see the page at different screen widths.

Contextual Commenting

All comments made on a proof will be tied to a specific point on the page. When you click on a comment, you will automatically be taken to the location it was made.

Markup Tools

In addition to commenting, approvers have the ability to single-click anywhere on a proof and specify exactly what they mean with the help of rectangles and arrows.


In comments, Ashore gives you the ability to mention other approvers who currently have access. Mentioned approvers will receive notifications related to that comment thread.

Video Proofing

Seamlessly proof video files in Ashore. Comments will be tied to a specific point on the page and the time in the video in which it was created.

Comment Threads

Keep conversations organized. In Ashore, you can respond to comments others have made and resolve comment threads when the discussion has concluded.


When it’s time for approvers to make a decision, you have the option to include a checklist with any proof that they must acknowledge prior to making a decision.

Version Stacking

Ashore keeps all the versions of a proof grouped together and allows approvers to easily move between them to see past iterations and discussions.

White-Labeled Review Screens

Ashore allows our users to white-label their proofing dashboards with your company logo. Put your most professional foot forward with every client!

Side-by-Side Comparison

Ashore users and approvers can now compare any two versions of a proof side by side, regardless of file type or formatting differences.

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