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An Artwork Approval System Perfect For the Promotional Apparel & Printing Industries

Complete Orders Up to 50% Faster By Automating Artwork Review & Approval

When you receive an order, it’s all hands on deck, but between design and printing, there is one stage of your workflow that always causes a bottleneck: proofing. To truly optimize your processes and scale up your printing business, you need a way to streamline artwork design review and approval with your customers. Ashore makes the proofing process easy and intuitive for you and your approvers. Easily upload artwork, send review links via email or other instant messaging apps, read and reply to comments made directly on a proof, and receive confirmation of final approval.

Not only is Ashore easier to implement than any other artwork approval system, it’s more user-friendly for your customers. Ashore users have seen their proofs approved up to 50% faster. Here’s how we do it.


Send Files to Clients

Upload Any File Type

Ashore supports all major file types, including images, PDFs, documents, HTML, live websites, audio and video. Share multiple files in the same proof.

Customize Proof Options

Choose to let approvers download files, approve individual files, view each other’s comments, approve a proof with changes, view previous versions or continue to comment after a decision has been made on a proof.

Set a Proof Deadline

Whenever your project requires you set a deadline for final approval, you’ll be able to easily select a date in Ashore. Choose to automatically include the deadline in your automatic reminder emails.

Add Tags

Apply custom tags to each proof, allowing you to group and sort your proof library by unique attributes such as client, project, product, campaign and much more. Add as many tags to a proof as you desire.

Send Via Workflow or Review Link

To send your proof, you have two options. Either append it to a workflow to share a proof with a sequence of approvers, or use a review link to allow everyone access at the same time.


Get Feedback

Easy Commenting

Approvers simply click on the area of the proof where they see an issue and type out a quick comment. They can even attach a file, share a link, or @ other approvers in their message.

Acknowledge Your Checklist

Make a custom, account-wide checklist that approvers must acknowledge before they can make a decision. Use checklists to remind customers of your Terms & Conditions or to double check for spelling errors.

Side-by-Side Version Comparison

Ashore makes it easy to compare the current version of a proof with past versions, even if they’re different file types. Approvers will be able to quickly see how a design has changed and leave comments on both versions.


Automate Workflows

Create and Save Workflows

To create a new workflow, give it a name, start adding approvers, and create a custom message for each approval stage. There is no limit to the number of approvers or stages you can add to a single workflow.

Add Non-Approvers

At each approval stage, you have the option to add Ashore users to the BCC line. This will allow other coworkers to see every status update to proofs assigned to this workflow.

Create Email Templates

Create email templates to save and apply when sending messages or creating workflows. Add template variables for approver name, proof name, due date, approval status, and more.

Save Approvers

Save approvers to your account, and add them to workflows or proofs.

Automatic Reminders

Schedule reminders to be automatically sent out to approvers by Ashore. Select default reminder settings that will apply to everyone, or create specific requirements for individual approvers.


Get Organized

Show Off Your Branded Dashboard

Make Ashore look like your proprietary platform by branding your agency dashboard and proof review screens with your company logo.

Integrate Emails With Postmark

Utilize our integration with Postmark to send proofs from your own email account. For more personalization, add your own custom email signature to every email.

Find Proofs in Your Archive

Every proof created in Ashore will be saved in your proof archive. Here, view and sort through proofs. Filter by proof owner, workflow, proof status, and any of your custom tags.

View Full Proof Timeline

Ashore automatically saves all activity for each proof in a dedicated audit timeline. See all emails, status updates, comments, and notes in one central place, and export a PDF for your own records.

Integrate With Your Other Apps

Integrate your account with Zapier to connect Ashore with over 3,000 of your favorite web apps such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Outlook, GMail, Shopify, and much more.

Watch a Demo Now

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