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Support Policy

COVID-19 Revised Support Policy

Ashore business continuity and disaster recovery programs are designed and tested for unprecedented situations. Our Customer Support teams are still available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM CT with some slight modifications as noted below:

  • Our telephone service will be reserved for Emergency purposes only.
    • EMERGENCY purposes definition:
      • Critical Impact Incident – Subscription service application is down or in a state that most customers cannot reasonably perform any work, or the integrity/security of data is in jeopardy.
    • Non-Emergency callers will be asked to visit the Knowledge Base to submit a support request

1. Support Center

1.1. Contact Information

Users can contact Ashore Customer Support in the following ways:

Articles and guides Knowledge Base24/7
Submit Question for Support Knowledge Base24/7
Support Phone Line1 (800) 305-2642Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM CT

1.2. Offering

  • We offer Customer Support services through selected channels to active and authorized Users of our software solutions.
  • Our support language is English.

1.3. Tiered Response

The Customer Support Team consists of four tiers as described below:

Tier ITier I Personnel are certified to handle general user inquiries, basic troubleshooting of software and integrations, and issue tracking.
Tier IIThe Personnel that handles complex engineering issues including databases, debugging software code and related services.
Tier IIIThe Engineering Teams who resolve issues within the infrastructure, database, or software code.

2. Support Targets & Priority Definitions

Support Targets or Services Level Objectives (SLOs) are based upon the priority of each inquiry or issue and can range from something that affects business operations, which is fixed swiftly, to a browser specific UI issue that does not limit functionality, which could take up to 12 weeks.

Our Support Targets are the same for all customers, unless otherwise stated in your contract.

We staff our operations with the objective of meeting the following target response and resolution times:

TargetDescriptionResponse TimeResolution
Critical (P1)Subscription service application is down; Integrity/security of data is in jeopardy30 Business Minutes

P1 Incidents must be raised by telephone
8 hrs
High (P2)Critical business operation is impacted due to serious performance degradation; Critical business operation is impacted due to persistent loss of a feature4 Business Hours12 hrs
Medium (P3)Critical business operation is impacted due to intermittent performance degradation; Critical business operation is impacted due to unscalable or inconvenient workaround to use a feature8 Business HoursUp to 6 weeks

(varies by complexity and type of resolution needed)
Low (P4)Non–critical functionality is unavailable; Single customer is impactedException case with suitable workaround48 Business HoursUp to 12 weeks

(varies by complexity and type of resolution needed)
Exceptions of NoteSimple ‘How Do I’ Support Inquiry – up to 1 Business Day

Complex Support Inquiries and Changes – up to 5 Business Days. Consists of questions pertaining to advanced functionality including transfer of data, data variances within the platform or settings not configured to a customer’s preference.

RFI (Request for Information) – up to 14 Business Days. This entails any information requested that is outside normal reporting capabilities. Data/Storage Management Security, for limitations on historical data archive. 

3. Availability

“Availability” or “Available” means you can log in and access the services.

3.1 Scheduled Maintenance

There will be regular maintenance scheduled for all products. During these times the service may be unavailable.

3.2. Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance

Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance are periods where the System access is not available as a result of the need to address a critical or emergency issue. Where possible, we will notify our Customers prior to any Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance that falls outside any Scheduled Maintenance windows.

Any maintenance is considered “Unplanned” or “Emergency” if our Customers have not been provided at least 2 weeks’ notice of the maintenance.

4. Data/Storage Management Security

We have a data/storage management security program; please review our terms of service for details.