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Track Everything That Happens to Your Proofs


From Start to Finish, Ashore Gives You Unprecedented Insight into Your Proofing Process

The proofing process is a busy time, involving a lot of back-and-forth with clients and several rounds of revision. It’s very common to miss an important message or piece of feedback in the course of obtaining client approval sign off. To give our users peace of mind, Ashore documents every step of the proofing process and saves it in a comprehensive proof timeline.

For every proof, the proof timeline is your source of truth. Ashore chronologically records absolutely every action taken on a proof including each time a new version is sent, each time a new approver is registered to a proof, each time approvers view and give their decisions on files, anytime a new message is sent, all automatic reminders Ashore sends and more.

In a proof timeline, Ashore also saves a copy of all emails sent to approvers and non-approvers throughout the approval process. And, each time an approver makes a decision on a proof, you’ll be able to view this information alongside the approver checklist they had to acknowledge before signing off on your proof. By documenting approver checklist acknowledgement, you’ll be able to prove your due diligence in the event of an inquiry.

At the conclusion of each project, Ashore allows you to export the proof timeline and save it in your own records. Even if you should move on from Ashore in the future, you’ll still be able to access and review all activities that occurred on our platform.

Regardless of your business and its specific procedures, it’s always wise to keep track of all activities surrounding client approval sign off. In the event of an audit, you want to prove you’ve met and exceeded your standards of performance and customer service. Ashore shoulders the responsibility of tracking the entire proofing process for you. When you’re ready to have full visibility into your proofing process, sign up for Ashore.

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Track Workflows

Quickly determine what stage of the workflow your proofs are in on the proof timeline. See when approvers are added to the proofing process.

Track Decisions

When an approver makes a decision on a proof, the timeline will include all the files for which there was a decision as well as the checklist.

Central Record of All Communications

On the proof timeline, find a record of all correspondence including every email sent, all automatic reminders sent, any new versions sent and more.

Export Proof Timeline

Download an interactive PDF of any proof timeline, including version history, comments, emails, and approval decisions.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Ashore users and approvers can now compare any two versions of a proof side by side, regardless of file type or formatting differences.

Comment Screenshots

Your proof timeline includes every comment thread with a snapshot of the comment on the proof at the time the comment was created.

Custom Fields

Organize your proofs however you like. Custom fields give you complete control over the data you’re storing in each proof with advanced filtering.


See the most important recent activity, view important performance data, and watch your approval rate skyrocket.

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