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Connect Ashore to Anything

API + Zapier

Ashore’s API and Zapier Integration Offer Endless Possibilities

Every business deserves a proofing experience as unique as their proofing process. A productive workflow will span multiple platforms and apps, including many different voices. To bring all of your proofing activities together, Ashore has created a very comprehensive API and an integration with Zapier to help you connect all the dots.

Our Zapier integration allows you to connect Ashore with any of over 2,000 apps including Gmail, Slack, Stripe, Asana and Trello, allowing you to facilitate and automate your processes. This integration is particularly helpful to our users who rely on project management software, but lack a creative proofing software capable of streamlining workflows and unifying activities across separate environments. Thanks to Zaps, whenever something happens in Ashore – such as the sending of a new version or an approver making a decision – it will trigger a new task somewhere else. You can even automatically add your customers as approvers.

If our Zapier integration offers you thousands of opportunities to integrate Ashore with other solutions, then our API brings you limitless possibilities. It’s incredibly comprehensive, enabling you to customize your integration with Ashore and any software, proprietary or otherwise. You just need to have access to the API of the other software you want to integrate with. There’s almost nothing you won’t be able to accomplish through an integration with Ashore via our API.

If you want the specialization of Ashore’s creative proofing software and the specialization of your other software without compromising on functionality or ease-of-use, you absolutely can. Sign for Ashore now to get started.

Zapier Integration

Via Zapier, you have the ability to integrate Ashore with your favorite apps. Link up your approval process with activities on other platforms.

Comprehensive API

If you’re interested in a custom integration with Ashore and another software, our API offers truly endless possibilities.

Adobe Creative Cloud Plugins

With our two Adobe Creative Cloud plugins, creatives can maximize their productivity by managing their proofs without ever needing to leave their creative workspace.

The new plugins, one for InDesign and Illustrator and the other for Photoshop, allow users to create proofs, upload new versions, and view feedback—eliminating the need for designers to export files from Adobe products just to upload them into Ashore for review.

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