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Ashore Releases Advanced User & Team Management

September 19, 2023 | Product News

September 19, 2023 | Georgetown, TX — Today Ashore launched a suite of new features enabling creatives to better manage their employees and contractors. Ashore customers can now set up teams, manage access permissions, and create custom user roles.

“With the release of advanced user roles and team management, we’re taking critical steps toward transforming Ashore into a platform that better serves our enterprise customers,” says Cody Miles, Founder and CEO of Ashore. “We’re also solving critical use cases that are ubiquitously experienced by creatives.”

Nearly every creative organization engages contractors in the creative process. The release of these features give customers the ability to limit user access from billing, account settings and user management. They can also manage the level of proof visibility. The scope of proof visibility can be everything, team-owned, owned by the user, or nothing. Users and proofs can be associated to one or many teams to enable these new visibility permissions.

“Until now, Ashore customers have no doubt hesitated to add their contractors to our platform,” says Miles. “Assigning users to teams and limiting their visibility to proofs owned by those teams is surely a welcomed improvement.”

Previously, Ashore provided two user roles: admin and sub-user. While they were unable to view account settings, billing or user management, sub-users were given access to all proofs on the account. With these new features, Ashore users now have the ability to create as many user roles as required and determine permission settings for each role. 

These exciting features are now live for Ashore users. Log in or create your free account today to see how Ashore continues to perfect digital collaboration! 

About Ashore

Ashore is an online proofing system built for high-velocity creatives that increases approval ratings by 50% by automating the approval process and improving the quality of feedback from approvers. Tens of thousands of creatives worldwide rely on Ashore to delight their approvers with excellent, white-labeled proofing experiences.

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