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Streamline Printing with Print Shop Software Solutions

March 5, 2024 | High Velocity Printers

Print shops face numerous challenges, from proofing designs to speaking to clients. Print shop software helps streamline these processes by centralizing proofing and automating workflows. Relying on email communication to send designs and gather feedback wastes time and resources. Plus, it makes it too easy for people to mix up the wrong version, confusing the feedback process.

With the right printing software, you can reduce the complexities, send messages to all the stakeholders, maintain perfect version control, and even compare different versions. Clients can annotate the document or complete approval checklists.

In this article, we explore how print shop software boosts the efficiency of printing companies. We look at everything from print shop management to maximizing customer satisfaction.

How Does Print Shop Software Revolutionize Operations

Print shops are still adapting to the post-pandemic world. Clients no longer conduct in-person visits; everything has moved online. Print shop software serves as the central virtual location for managing current client relationships – signing and approving designs, sharing annotations, and automating workflows.

So, how is this software revolutionizing operations? Here are the basics:

  1. Eliminates the back-and-forth of emails by providing a platform for clients to view, annotate, and approve designs, ensuring clarity and reducing errors.
  2. From design submissions to final approvals, tasks are automated, minimizing manual handling and speeding up production times.
  3. Keeps track of revisions accurately, preventing confusion over the most current version of a design and facilitating easier comparison between versions.
  4. Simplifies sending messages and updates to stakeholders, maintaining open lines of communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Print Shop Management

Print shops don’t just print documents and designs. They’re a critical component in the overall design and printing process – showcasing potential designs, speaking to customers, and gathering feedback.

That’s where print shop software comes in.

Often built by printers for printers, it tackles each of these problems with an array of features and systems. Here’s a quick overview of print shop management and how software can help.

Job Tracking

Job tracking ensures there’s no confusion between the multiple orders and reviews currently pending. The system provides a centralized database of tasks and tracks the activity per job. 

  • Automated Order Entry: Software automates the initial stages of a printing job by directly capturing order details and specifications from the customer, reducing manual data entry errors.
  • Real-Time Status Updates: Keeps both staff and clients informed about the progress of their orders, from inception through to completion, enhancing transparency and trust.


Proofing is the quality control of the printing process. Relevant stakeholders examine the design within the print shop software, annotating the design, writing comments, and making suggestions. Rather than the vague feedback typical of email, using a specialized platform forces stakeholders to be specific in their advice.

  • Digital Proofing Tools: Allows for quick sharing of digital proofs with clients, enabling them to review and provide feedback or approval online, speeding up the proofing cycle.
  • Version Control and Revisions: Manages and tracks design changes, ensuring that the latest versions are always available for review, minimizing confusion and errors.

Customer Relations

The previous reliance on hard proofing prevented significant client feedback. With a digital platform, printers and designers can include customers early on in the review process, increasing client satisfaction and approval rates. Answer questions and respond to suggestions from customers from anywhere in the world.

  • Integrated Communication Platforms: Facilitates direct communication with clients through the software, allowing for quick resolution of queries and a more personalized service experience.
  • Feedback and Surveys: Collects customer feedback directly through the software, providing valuable insights into client satisfaction and areas for improvement.

Design Feedback

Avoid the confusion of email feedback. Maintain constant version control and leave direct, specific annotations within the design. Also, send automatic reminders to stakeholders to complete their feedback, automating the workflow.

  • Collaborative Feedback Tools: Clients can leave precise feedback on designs, including annotations and comments, directly on the proof, ensuring clear and actionable insights for designers.
  • Approval Workflows: Streamlines the approval process, ensuring that only approved designs move forward to printing, reducing rework and delays.

Integrating Software Solutions into Your Processes

Ready to make your business more agile and efficient? Integrating print shop software into your workflows and processes can reduce manual input, cut down on errors, and slash operating costs. It’s a brilliant move towards operational excellence.

So, how do you do it? Start by assessing your needs – Where are your operational inefficiencies? What bottlenecks do you have in job tracking or customer communication? 

You want to select a software package that aligns with your needs. Prioritize features like digital proofing, automated workflows, and customer management. Consider scalability, user-friendliness, and support services. 

Once you’ve chosen the right print shop software, develop a detailed integration plan. Establish timelines, key milestones, staff training schedules, and data migration. All team members should go through training to prevent any mistakes or confusion. 

Before going live, conduct thorough testing of the software within your operational framework. This helps identify any issues or gaps in the integration process, allowing for adjustments before full deployment.

After going live, continue to monitor the software’s impact on your operations closely, and be prepared to make adjustments as needed. Solicit feedback from staff and customers to identify areas for improvement.

Streamline Your Print Shop Workflows With Ashore

As the print shop industry evolves, the need for solutions that streamline operations and enhance client relations has become paramount. Ashore answers this call by redefining efficiency in print shop management. 

With its automated workflows, Ashore cleverly cuts down the time and effort traditionally spent on manual tracking and administrative tasks. This shift allows your team to focus their skills where they matter most: on creative endeavors and critical project elements.

Ashore also directly connects clients and designers through its collaborative feedback tools. Clients can now leave precise, specific annotations and comments directly on design proofs, bridging the gap that often exists in digital communications. This feature not only speeds up the approval process but also significantly reduces the need for multiple revisions.

By embedding these streamlined processes into your daily operations, Ashore not only enhances efficiency but also nurtures a more responsive and client-centered business environment, setting a new standard in print shop operations. Interested in launching the software in your print shop? Get started with Ashore 100% free.

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