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Ashore App Unveils Two Game-Changing Plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud

April 29, 2024 | Product News

GEORGETOWN, TX—April 29, 2024—Ashore App, a leading provider of collaborative proofing solutions, announces the launch of two innovative plugins tailored for Adobe Creative Cloud users. With these plugins, creatives can maximize their productivity by managing their proofs without ever needing to leave their creative workspace.

The new plugins, one for InDesign and Illustrator and the other for Photoshop, allow users to create proofs, upload new versions, and view feedback—all from within their familiar Adobe workspace. This eliminates the need for designers to export files from Adobe products just to upload them into Ashore for review, saving valuable time and effort.

“Our mission at Ashore has always been to make the proofing process as seamless as possible.” says Cody Miles, Founder and CEO of Ashore. “These plugins not only do that, they represent a significant step towards making the creative process as efficient as possible.” 

With both plugins, users can still enjoy the features they know and love in Ashore, including customizable workflows, automated reminders, and real-time feedback. They simply bridge the gap between your creative workspace and your proofing workspace.

“We believe that by integrating our proofing tools directly into Adobe Creative Cloud, we can significantly improve the workflow for designers of all levels,” adds Miles, “empowering creatives to focus on what they do best—creating amazing designs—while we handle the rest.”

Learn more about our plugin for InDesign and Illustrator and our plugin for Photoshop on the Adobe Exchange.

The plugins are immediately available to all current Ashore users, accessible via the Integrations tab within their account settings on the Ashore platform. If you aren’t yet an Ashore user and are interested in streamlining your design and proofing process, sign up and explore all that Ashore has to offer. 

About Ashore 

Ashore is an online proofing system built for high-velocity creatives that increases approval ratings by 50% by automating the approval process and improving the quality of feedback from approvers. Thousands of creatives worldwide rely on Ashore to delight their approvers with excellent, white-labeled proofing experiences.

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