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Creative Agencies, What Are You Even Doing Without Ashore?

January 27, 2021 | Design

Have you struggled to get any feedback on a project you spent hours on? Do you find yourself wondering if your client left for vacation without telling you? If you’ve worked at a creative agency, you’ve definitely been here. It’s hard to get feedback on projects, and it typically takes a lot of awkward reminder emails to your clients. Once you’ve gotten feedback, you’re usually racking your brain to decipher exactly what “this just doesn’t pop” means. 

Your time, skills and services are highly valued commodities – you shouldn’t have to fight for feedback and then sort through comments that make no sense. If you work in a Creative Agency, you need Ashore’s proofing software. With automated reminders, you won’t waste time with another follow-up email or wondering if your client forgot about your project. 

Ashore: Better, Faster, Stronger, Seaworthy

Ashore is an online proofing system built by and for creatives. This proofing software increases approval ratings by automating approval and revolutionizing your approver’s feedback. Thousands of creatives worldwide turn to Ashore to delight their approvers with excellent, white-labeled proofing experiences.

Approver/Client Adoption

No matter how tech-savvy your client is, they will be able to navigate Ashore’s review screen with ease. Your approvers never have to make an account or login. An Ashore user can add approvers with just a name and email, or send a review link out and the client will identify themselves the very first time. Once an approver has accessed any proof, they won’t have to identify themselves again. 

After an approver opens their first proof review link, they’ll be given a simple page tour guide that takes them through comment options, navigation, and even how to submit their decision. Ashore’s comprehensive whitelabeling will help your agency remain professional and ensure each step of your proofing process is clean and straightforward for your approvers. 

Get Your Time Back

Regardless of what your approval process looks like, you can customize Ashore’s workflows to fit your project. With workflow automation, you save significant time and pass the baton to the approvers, whether that’s your internal team or directly to your client. The overall process of making your proof is going to give you even more time back – with Ashore you name your proof, upload virtually any file type (including live webpages), select your settings and start your approval process. It is actually that easy. 

Don’t waste another minute as project scope slips through your hands. Approval checklists, automated reminders, and customizable approval stages, will improve your project scope management significantly. 

What’s Going On With This Project?

Each proof on Ashore has a timeline that shows every status update – from when your proof was created to when an email has been sent out to your approver, you can even see when your approver has opened the email and clicked on it. You’ll know exactly when your approver has accessed the proof and all feedback is consolidated in a single email to you and on your review screen.  

Using Ashore means you get clear feedback from your clients. Your proof timelines and proof archive also give you the receipts for approvals – protecting your scope and preventing your clients from cornering you for more changes. Prevent this common problem further with custom checklists on approval decisions. These checklists require your clients to acknowledge they’ve reviewed specific items before submitting a decision and are another point of reference (and relief) if you’re faced with this dreaded conversation.

Ashore and Each Type of Creative Agency

Though there are so many broader, shared struggles, each type of creative agency has its own unique problems. In web development, for example, there is an iceberg of technical work behind every project, but feedback from clients can feel like a different language. This is why an approachable proofing process is vital, so your clients can easily communicate in a way that also makes sense to you. 

Design agencies have quite a large network of external partners. Approval stages may include ad agencies, consultants and of course – designers. An automated workflow alleviates the headache of keeping track of each approval stage. Ashore users have a beautiful agency review screen that makes viewing different versions of your files easy and provides consolidated feedback for your team. 

With three, simple comment options and the ability to upload files or mention people directly in a comment, your communication and feedback becomes streamlined. This allows for stellar collaboration among your teams and partners. Webpage capture is game-changer for design agencies when it comes to graphic design, ux services and website building. This tool means your clients and teams can see a website at desktop view all the way down to mobile, giving them a complete picture of what your work will look like. 

A media agency works with many different file types and there are a vast number of moving parts. These teams are working on public relations, social media, media management and advertising, just to name a few. Communication is clearly important with your clients, but it is paramount among your team. Ashore’s zapier integration allows your agency to integrate with nearly any software, which means an idyllic blend of team, project and proofing management. 

Zapier doesn’t integrate with your proprietary software? No sweat – Ashore also offers API integration. Centralized projects, cloud-based file sharing, status updates and collaborative communication tools are what your team has been searching for, and Ashore has it all. 

Poor collaboration and communication within your team can be detrimental to a project. Ashore gives your user the option to add non-approvers (an admin or sub-user), to proofs so they can get the same notifications as the proof owner. Your team won’t get overwhelmed with notifications and emails going out to your approvers, instead they can see consolidated feedback on proofs and even write internal notes on the proof timeline. When resolving comments or responding to feedback, users can tag one another directly in a comment.

Seaside For Yourself

Ashore’s intuitive software gives your clients hands-on experience in the project design process. Automatic reminders have proven to help project approvals rates go up over 50%. The quality of feedback from your approvers means less revisions and more freedom for your team. Alongside technical improvements, the mental health of employees and curbing burnout is an additional benefit of Ashore. You’ll quickly see the benefits of Ashore in more ways than one. 

Creative Agencies are making business happen – keeping them going, propelling them forward. Ashore wants to save your agency time and stress – this proofing software means you can focus on your projects again. With improved workflows and a surplus time on your hands, you can diversify your clients and expand your revenue. After using Ashore, you’ll know you’ve found the “pop” your clients were looking for.

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