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Ashore App Introduces New Version Comparison Feature

September 15, 2021 | Product News

September 15, 2021 | Georgetown, TX — Ashore App is thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature, Version Comparison. With this feature, Ashore users and approvers now have the ability to compare any two versions of a proof side by side, regardless of file type or formatting differences. 

Version Comparison is a simple yet versatile tool in Ashore’s repertoire of proofing capabilities. Once users select “Compare Versions” on the proof review screen, they have the ability to compare any current or previous versions with one another, including any comments or markups, and easily change the two versions being compared. Users even have the ability to add or respond to comments on either of the versions. This feature will be incredibly valuable for creatives. 

“The ability to compare proof versions is critical to the success of any design project,” says Cody Miles, Founder and CEO of Ashore App. “This new feature supports creatives by reducing the number of new errors introduced, providing clarity in change history and giving a pixel-perfect comparison of files for both creatives and approvers.”

Not only will Ashore users be better able to track changes on their projects, they’ll be able to verify that all requested changes have been made and they’ve met the requirements of the proposal or contract – an incredibly useful tool when it ensures payment for work completed. Most importantly, though, Version Comparison pushes Ashore forward in pursuit of our company’s mission.

As Cody explains, “This feature supports our mission in making collaboration accessible to everyone by making a previously difficult process simpler than ever.”

Version Comparison is now live on Ashore and available to all users. To see it in action for yourself, simply login to your Ashore account and view a proof containing multiple versions! If you haven’t tried out Ashore for yourself yet, create your free account today. 

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Ashore is an online proofing system built for high-velocity creatives that increases approval ratings by 50% by automating the approval process and improving the quality of feedback from approvers. Thousands of creatives worldwide rely on Ashore to delight their approvers with excellent, white-labeled proofing experiences.

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