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With Workfront Discontinuing, Ashore App is the Ideal Alternative

June 7, 2024 | Company News

Say goodbye to Workfront. Like many other software platforms before it, it’s being discontinued. When Adobe acquired the product in 2019, questions were raised over its future. Would it continue as a standalone product or be rolled into the wider Adobe lineup? 

Now we have our answer. As of January 2024, Adobe informed its loyal customers that it will be discontinuing renewals going forward. Customers can continue to use the platform until the end of their contract renewal date. The software sunset has left many businesses scrambling to find an alternative. 

Luckily, there’s a purpose-built online proofing platform ready and waiting. It’s called Ashore. And it’s everything you always wanted to boost your collaboration, automate workflows, and streamline your communication. Built by creatives for creatives, it’s the ideal replacement for Workfront.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Adobe Announces Its Discontinuing Workfront

Whether you’re just learning the news or you’re planning for the future, the end of Workfront is a major inconvenience. Although Adobe had not sold net-new licenses for some time, there is no viable alternative to the software package.

While Adobe highlights as another option in their announcement email, it never goes so far to call the product a replacement – because it isn’t. Sure, you can share files, get file approvals, and upload some file types, but it simply doesn’t have the capabilities required by modern creative teams. Because is predominantly for video content, it cannot handle the same asset types as Workfront, it isn’t clear how you’d move your proofs across intact. 

Today, designers and printers must be able to handle every file type and communicate remotely with clients, employees, and other stakeholders. The tools you employ should help you achieve faster turnaround times and more streamlined communication options. 

So, if not, then what?

Introducing Ashore 

Ashore began like most businesses: we were trying to solve a problem. The predecessor company, Brandcave, was attempting to automate and scale client-proofing efforts but with little success. Whatever virtual software existed on the market simply relied on bait-and-switch tactics to gain users. We never saw the functionality – the seamless communication and annotation – that the company needed.

Sound familiar? That’s why we built Ashore as an online proofing system. The app is simple. Upload any file (yes, that means everything from audio files to PDFs) and share it with the relevant stakeholders. They can then comment and annotate the content directly, providing a streamlined system for communication and collaboration.

What Can It Do?

Here’s a common problem: when asked for feedback, a client gives a vague or nondescript answer. “Be bolder,” “Can it pop more,” or “Change the colors” are impossible to interpret. This leads to long, confusing email chains or comment sections as the creative team tries to understand what the client wants. 

The result? Lots of wasted time and resources. And since the pandemic and the shift to remote work, it’s become even more of a nightmare. The obvious solution is to allow clients and stakeholders to comment and annotate the design directly. That way, they can clarify their meaning, clearing up any confusion.

Everything about Ashore is built with this in mind. It’s designed to facilitate smooth communication and effortless collaboration through its ingenious features. 

You can expect:

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborate on proofs simultaneously with threaded comments and markup tools, ensuring precise and organized feedback.
  • Adobe Integration: Seamlessly integrate with InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, making it easy to import and work on your files directly.
  • Comprehensive File Support: Supports all major file types, providing the flexibility to handle any project format.
  • Version Control: Features side-by-side version comparison and version stacking, maintaining a clear history of all proof changes and updates.
  • Automation: Automate workflows and set automated reminders, saving time and ensuring deadlines are met efficiently.
  • Customization: Offers white-labeling options and custom user roles, allowing you to tailor the app to your brand and organizational structure.

Unlike, which lacks comprehensive support for non-video file types and automated workflows, Ashore can handle every aspect of the proofing process, from the first comment to final approval. Upload any file types and maintain perfect version control as numerous people comment and annotate the design. No more confusion. No risks of discontinuation. Ashore is here to help with your proofing needs in the long term. 

Ashore in Action

So, how does Ashore perform in everyday usage? The platform can handle multiple projects and teams, letting you multitask clients without getting a headache. That’s all thanks to the collaboration and communication features.

Rather than rustling through a thousand emails or digging down comment chains to find the correct response, everything you do in Ashore is tracked. It stores all the comments and annotations, minimizing the confusion that comes from several people working on the same design. 

You can also see who commented, providing clarification when necessary. But these comments aren’t ad-hoc or random. The workflow features to keep everyone on track. It sends the files out for approval, asks for specific comments, sets automatic reminders, and tracks everything, including emails and new versions. In fact, you can even view past versions side-by-side, allowing for easy comparisons of design tweaks. 

Oh, and did we mention that automatic reminders speed up the proofing process by 50%? That means you’ve got more time and resources to commit to other projects. As one client put it, “The seamless workflows and progress visibility allow for precision and transparency throughout the process.”

Moving to Ashore: What’s Next? 

If you’ve been shipwrecked by Workfront’s discontinuation, come Ashore – literally.

Transitioning to Ashore is seamless and efficient. Sign up, upload your projects, and get started immediately. Enjoy real-time collaboration, automated workflows, and comprehensive file support. Customize your experience to fit your brand, ensuring continuity and enhanced productivity. With Ashore, your team will adapt quickly and work more efficiently. 

Don’t let Workfront’s end disrupt your flow. Dive into Ashore and experience a smoother, smarter way to handle your creative projects. Ready to upgrade your proofing process? Ashore is here to keep your creativity sailing smoothly.

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