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Get Sign-Off From Your Approvers


Finally Get Acknowledged by Your Clients in the Approval Process

Review and approval may be the most important part of any project, the time when all your hard work is validated…at least, that’s how it should be. Getting acknowledgement and constructive feedback is a daily challenge for creatives of all shapes and sizes, but with Ashore, you finally have the tools to help your approvers help you.

Ashore gives approvers the ability to approve or not approve each proof. Since you can upload multiple files to a single proof, you can also give them the option of approving everything as a whole or on a per-file basis. Between approve and not approved, we’ve also included a third option called approve with changes. When approvers choose this option, they let you know that with a few tweaks, the project is good to go, saving everyone another round of revisions.

Still, Ashore recognizes that the approval process cannot be truly successful until approvers give their informed acknowledgment. That’s why we created fully customized approval checklists. With this feature, specify requirements that approvers must sign on off before submitting their approval. Ashore customers use checklists to remind approvers to double check for errors, to read over the company’s policies and procedures and to give their consent on a project before it goes to production.

By improving the quality of feedback and acknowledgement in the approval process, Ashore has increased approval ratings by 50% for thousands of users.

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Require Sign-off On Your Requirements

By creating checklists, you can add requirements to each proof that your approvers must acknowledge before giving their approval.

Customize How You Receive Approval

Do you need something more than “Approved” or “Not Approved” on your proofs? Ashore is flexible. You can also:

“Approved With Changes”

When an approver selects this option, Ashore will treat a proof as approved and notify you that they would like to see changes.

Approve Individual Files

By default, Ashore asks for one approval for all of the files in a proof. With the option to change this, files can be approved on a case-by-case basis.

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