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Easily Manage Your Proofs


When You Run a Tight Ship, it’s Easy to Bring Your Proofs Ashore

During any project, staying organized already requires putting in a little extra time and energy. Once you add additional people to the process, organization becomes that much more difficult. Ashore’s online proofing software helps address the obstacles you face as you invite others to take part in review and approval.

Ashore’s organization begins at the proofing dashboard. When you log in, quickly assess account activity, including your approval rate and remaining files available to send for each month. Ashore allows you to easily distinguish between proofs pending review, those that have been approved or not approved and those that are now overdue.

In Ashore’s proofing archive, our dynamic tagging system gives you the flexibility to sort and organize files together however best suits your needs. It will only take seconds to filter projects by your applied tags. Ashore also tracks all activity for every proof and documents it in a comprehensive audit timeline. Always keep a full record of feedback, versions, reminders and acknowledgements on hand to prove due diligence.

To keep the approval process itself organized, Ashore facilitates workflow staging, enabling you to better manage who reviews files and when they do so. All versions of a proof are stacked together so approvers can easily move between previous versions and view past feedback.

One of the greatest advantages of online proofing is the ability to organize the entire process on a central platform. Get started for free on Ashore now, and finally get your ship in order.

Version Stacking

When you upload new versions of a proof, Ashore keeps them grouped together. Easily toggle between versions to compare changes.


Create custom tags to organize your proofs however you choose. Multiple tags can be applied to a single proof. Filter and sort tags to quickly find all relevant proofs.

Custom Fields

Organize your proofs however you like. Custom fields give you complete control over the data you’re storing in each proof with advanced filtering.

Proof Dashboard

Quickly determine your company’s approval rate, average revisions sent per proof, average reminders sent per proof and remaining files available to send in your subscription.

Proof Status

Quickly distinguish a proof status: orange for proofs sent/waiting for review, green for approved proofs, red for proofs that were not approved and purple for overdue proofs.

Proof Archive

All proofs sent in Ashore will be archived for up to two years. Even if you choose to end your subscription, you’ll still be able to view proofs already sent.


Workflow staging ensures that approvers will only see a proof when it’s their turn in the sequence. Add multiple approvers to a single stage.

Proof Timeline

Save a log of all activity and correspondence pertaining to each proof with a proof timeline. Export the proof timeline for your own records.

Export Proof Timeline

Download an interactive PDF of any proof timeline, including version history, comments, emails, and approval decisions.

Comment Screenshots

Your proof timeline includes every comment thread with a snapshot of the comment on the proof at the time the comment was created.


See the most important recent activity, view important performance data, and watch your approval rate skyrocket.

Custom User Roles

Limit access from billing, account settings and user management. Manage the level of proof visibility. Users and proofs can be associated to one or many teams.

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