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Get Approval On Your Files Faster


Chart a Better Course With Ashore’s Workflow Management Tools

Creative projects may have several stakeholders involved, all eager to stir the pot and throw in their own two cents on everything from content to design. The trick when receiving all of this feedback is to ensure it comes to you in an organized manner. To help creatives manage this process, Ashore gives you the ability to create custom automatic workflows.

In your Ashore account, you’re able to create and save as many workflows as you need to, and use them over and over again for returning clients or fixed internal approval processes. When you create a workflow, add as many stages and as many approvers to each stage as the job calls for. You can name each stage and choose which user will be the sender. With the ability to add non-approvers – Ashore users who receive all of the same emails as the sender – you ensure that all of your bases are covered.

For each stage of your workflow, customize the email message approvers will see with Ashore’s email templates. Curate messages for the recipients including your fellow designers, the sales team or HR. These emails will be sent out automatically when the next stage in the workflow is triggered.

With our workflow management tools, once Ashore users upload a proof and determine their preferences, the approval process will basically run itself. If you’re tired of your approval workflow getting in the way of your creative flow, just let Ashore handle it. Sign up for free today to try it out for yourself.

Setup Your Automated Workflows

Add an infinite number of stages to any workflow. Name each stage, choose your approvers, select and customize your email messages, add anyone who needs to be BCC’d. When you start your workflow on a proof, Ashore will send emails to every approver in Stage 1. When everyone in Stage 1 has approved the proof, the proof will automatically be sent to Stage 2 for review.

Setup Checklists for Different Stages Of Your Workflows

Every workflow stage is different. Your internal review stages may include a different approval process than your customer review stages. With Ashore, you can create unique checklists for each stage of your workflow.

Email Templates on Deck

Create email templates for approvers in each workflow stage. You can even add template variables that will autofill with personal information when sent, such as the proof name, the due date, or the approver’s name.

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