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Ashore Wins Two Document Management Software Awards

April 28, 2017 | Product News

Here is another incentive for busy and concerned business owners to consider Ashore: Our system got reviewed and awarded by one of world’s best-known B2B software directories! As a relatively young, yet promising doc management system, Ashore was carefully examined by a team of B2B experts and has now become one of their most recommended alternatives for small and medium businesses.

Thanks to the unique combination of top-notch features and fine-tuned usability, Ashore was given even two of the platform’s popular awards: The 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for best document management software. Both of these awards are delivered to innovative and easy-to-use systems, and such that established great traction with their customers despite being young and unexplored. This is exactly the type of apps FinancesOnline keeps a close eye on, helping businesses detect valuable solutions beyond market’s traditional and rarely refreshed offers.

What experts liked the most about Ashore is its capacity to serve creative industries, giving them a chance to prepare beautiful files, and pull the strings of how customers observe, review, and approve those files. According to them, Ashore is one of the few systems that genuinely turns customer feedback into operable intelligence, which we can all agree is a precursor for a small company’s success.

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