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Ashore: The Kryptonite of Unresponsive Clients

If there is one factor that can stop a project in its tracks, it’s an unresponsive client. When email is your primary form of communication in the approval process, it’s very easy to get lost in the chaos of their inbox, and follow up emails quickly become just another part of your routine. It doesn’t need to be this way, though. Ashore manages client notification and follow up for you, allowing you to focus on your actual job responsibilities.

Ashore gives users the ability to customize automatic reminders down to the day and time to fit the needs of your schedule and your clients’. Select account-wide default reminder settings that will automatically apply to every new approver added to any of your proofs. For clients that you would like to treat differently, you have the flexibility to specify an approver’s unique schedule for when you’d prefer Ashore send them reminders. Approvers will receive reminders until they have made a decision on the proof in question.

The customization does not end with the precise scheduling of automatic reminders, either. With email template variables, you have the ability to automatically customize any reminder email with specific information including an approver’s name, the proof’s name and more.

Automatic reminders take the onus off of you to manually manage these activities while also improving proof approval by 50%. For Ashore users, it’s a win-win. To start winning for yourself and your approvers, sign up for a 14-day free trial of Ashore today.

Individual Approver Preferences

Specify the days of the week and time of the day that you’d like Ashore to send reminders to each approver. The schedule can be unique to each person.

Account-Wide Default Reminder Settings

Set default reminder settings for your entire account. These preferences are automatically appended to every new approver.

Pick the Days and Times

In Ashore, control the deployment of reminders down to particular days of the week and the time of each day.

Template Variables

Template variables autofill personal information, allowing reminders to be customized for each approver.

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