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Branded Proofing Dashboards for Every File Type

Receive feedback on any file type — from images to audio files — from your own branded, mobile-friendly dashboard.

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Branded Proofing Dashboards for Every File Type

Receive feedback on any file type — from images to audio files — from your own branded, mobile-friendly dashboard.

Automate Creative Collaboration & Approvals

Automate the processes that steal the joy out of your work with Ashore. Collaboration for creatives relies more and more on technology, but managing the process yourself just takes time out of your week and fails to make the approval process run any smoother.

As a creative approval software, Ashore automates approval workflows, brings creatives and approvers together to collaborate and improves the quality of approver feedback. Our online approval software has been built to handle a variety of proofs. Easily send your images, videos, PDFs and other projects out for review and approval to your approvers. You can even send proofs with multiple file types together and upload them from your preferred cloud storage. Your files will no longer get lost in your approvers’ email inboxes, and their feedback won’t be buried in long email threads. When you send a proof, they simply click on the link in the email they automatically receive and start proofing in Ashore.

For creatives we’ve packed this software full of tools to automate your process. Customizable workflows and reminders automatically push your proofs forward. Just decide who your approvers are, what order they’ll receive the proof and how often each of them should be reminded, and the system will run itself. You also have the option to send to a single approver or to all approvers at once. You can keep track of progress with notifications and an audit log that accompanies each proof. Ashore’s dashboard will easily tell you at a glance what the status is for each of your proofs. Approvers will love how easy it is to review files in Ashore. Threaded comments and markup tools give them the ability to articulate their feedback to you. By putting their comments in context directly on your proofs, we help to break down some of the barriers in design communication between creatives and approvers. It’s incredibly easy for them to start reviewing your proofs, too. They won’t need a tutorial or instructions; our intuitive platform is straightforward and simple. We’re always releasing new features to further bolster our software for our users. Our modify sender ability allows you to send a proof on behalf of another user. Email templates give you more control over the emails sent from within Ashore – and can be saved for quick retrieval. Our tags system helps you organize your proofs as you see fit. Custom checklists help your approvers be better proofers. And the list of features doesn’t end there!

Ashore users have been able to approve proofs up to 50% faster and spend less time managing the approval process, time they can spend on the parts of their jobs they enjoy. Chart a clearer path forward with our white-labeled approval software. Get started with Ashore today!

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Best-in-Class Proofing Software

Projects get approved faster in Ashore! Our automation tools allow your team to set up and save flexible workflows for every kind of proof. Just add your approval stages, select approvers, and append your white-labeled email templates.

When you start a workflow on a proof, every approver in stage one will receive an email asking for their review. When all users have approved the proof, it will automatically be sent to the next stage. If anyone forgets to review the proof, we’ll automatically remind them!

Branded For Your Organization

Your approvers don’t need to know who we are. Ashore allows you to white-label every part of our software that interfaces with your approvers — custom domains, logos, integrated email, and custom styles on your review dashboards. Now you can truly make the proofing process your own and give your approvers a curated experience from start to finish.

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