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Ashore helps overwhelmed print companies manage proofs easier. Automate your workflows, pre-schedule your reminders, utilize our email templating system, and keep your proofs organized with tags — all on a white-labeled, soft proofing software.

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Better Feedback & Automatic Reminders

We Increase Proof Approval Rates by 30%

Your print shop sends hundreds of soft proofs to customers every month. How many have been approved? How many are still waiting for feedback? We know it’s difficult to keep track. That’s why Ashore is the ideal tool for high-velocity print shops to send, track, manage, and automate the approval process for digital proofs.

Online Proofing

Getting feedback on your proof is simple. Upload your digital files from your computer or favorite cloud storage platform, and send a review link to your customer. We support all major filetypes, including images, documents, HTML and video. We give your approvers the ability to view, comment, and make decisions on your proof — all without having to create an account.

Automated Tracking

Every proof gets its own timeline in Ashore. It’s like an audit log that captures every version your company has sent, every time the proof has been viewed, every email that has been sent, every decision made on the proof and any internal notes. We capture everything, and notify you whenever comments or status updates have been made.


If your approvers have forgotten to review a proof, Ashore will automatically remind them. You can change the frequency to daily, every other day, once a week, or never! We have found our automated reminders increase approver status updates by 30%!


Your paid account can brand Ashore with your own logo. You can also utilize our integration with Postmark to send proofs from your own email account. For more personalization, add your own custom email signature to every email.

Workflow Automation

Does your print shop require internal review before customers can receive proofs? With Workflows, you can deploy proofs in an automated sequence of approvers or to multiple approvers at once. Workflows are customizable even after a proof has been sent!


By default, Ashore provides several options for filtering your proofs by status or deadline. You can also categorize proofs into customizable Tags. Group your proofs by customer or project, and see the status of each proof in one, color-coded location.

Checklists and eSignature

If you require approvers to sign off on certain requirements before a soft proof is sent to print, Ashore provides a customizable checklist. With Checklists, your approvers must acknowledge your requirements before submitting their approval on a proof.

Email Templates

Writing the same email to each approver is unnecessary. With our email templates feature, you can standardize and expedite the process for sending proofs to approvers. Drop-in a template, and we’ll pre-fill your email subject, message and any users in your company to BCC.

Proofs are approved faster and in less versions when feedback is improved. Over 3,000 printing companies around the world have already chosen our soft proofing software to manage the proofing process. Getting started is as simple as signing up for a free account. Or, request a demo today!

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