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How to Get Responses From Your Customers 2X Faster

How do you communicate with your clients? For most businesses, it’s a combination of phone and video calls, a few in-person meetings, and of course, email. According to’s 2020 report on business communication, 65% of businesses primarily use email to communicate with their clients. Compare email to other communication channels such as online tools (16%) phone calls (9%), and face-to-face (5%), and you see just how much we rely on it to share deliverables with clients, receive feedback, and complete projects.

While email is by no means a perfect communication channel, it has plenty of positives. It’s free or at least very cheap, it allows you to easily share files with others, it’s reasonably fast, it’s convenient for both the sender and the recipient, and it keeps an accessible record of your correspondence. Still, in the midst of creative projects, email can be exceedingly frustrating. As a creative, you’re usually working on a deadline, and no matter how brilliant your design, you still need your clients approval or feedback to make any progress. When you send an email to them and receive no response, projects stall, deadlines pass, and workflows are completely disrupted. On top of killing your productivity and filling you with uncertainty, unresponsive clients also force you to perform one of the most awkward social behaviors in modern society: writing and sending a follow-up email.

When you understand how to better communicate over email, why your clients may not be responding, and how to effectively write a follow-up email after no response from client, you’ll be able to focus your creative brain on more important matters.