Get Sign-Off Faster

Ashore is an online proofing system that automates the approval process for digital files and improves collaboration between creatives and their approvers.

Automate Sign-Off

With Workflows, creatives can automate the approval process for digital proofs. Approvers receive proofs in the order you determine, and receive automatic reminders when they forget to review. You'll never have to manually follow-up with an approver again!

Step 1: Create a Workflow

Send proofs to single approvers or pre-determined workflows

Step 2: Send Proofs for Review

Approvers review proofs online and add comments

Step 3: Auto-track Changes

All changes to proofs are tracked instantly

Improve Feedback

Receive feedback on any file type — from images to spreadsheets — from your own branded dashboard. Approvers will not only love using it because it's simple, but because they won't have to sign up for anything. The feedback is captured and logged, automatically!

Approvers can double click anywhere on an image or PDF to leave a comment. Add context to your feedback!
Approvers can make revisions to word documents or spreadsheets online -- they can even highlight text and leave comments.
Approvers can watch your videos and double click anywhere on the video leave a comment. It's even time-stamped!
Approvers can review any uploaded HTML files, giving new opportunities for email campaign proofing!

Sync Your Projects

Actions made inside Ashore can be automatically integrated as new tasks in your favorite project management systems using Zapier


Who has viewed and approved each file? Who keeps missing deadlines? With insightful analytics, you can track the data that matters most to your company. On top of that, every status change in a proof is logged in real-time. You’ll never have to thumb through emails again!

Track Status Changes in Projects Automatically

Keep track every time a client leaves feedback, approves a proof or you send a new version -- automatically. Ashore keeps a record of every status change in a file timeline.

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Want to see how to get started with Ashore? Watch our 3 minute demo!