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With Workfront Discontinuing, Ashore App is the Ideal Alternative

Say goodbye to Workfront. Like many other software platforms before it, it’s being discontinued. When Adobe acquired the product in 2019, questions were raised over its future. Would it continue as a standalone product or be rolled into the wider Adobe lineup?  Now we have our answer. As of January 2024, Adobe informed its loyal…

From Idea to SaaS with Cody Miles of Ashore

How do you think collaboration can take place smoothly such that the creatives don’t get bogged down in meetings or do things counterproductive to their skills because clients are tough to access and provide extremely poor feedback? Discover the innovative strategy used by a marketer and a creative to resolve this issue. In this episode,…

Ashore App Releases New Feature: The Ability to Create and Search By Custom Fields

July 12, 2022 | Georgetown, Texas—Ashore App is excited to announce the release of a new feature, the ability to create custom fields and search and organize proofs by them. This highly-requested feature allows users to record unique details about each proof in their account.   Custom fields are created and managed in Account Settings and…

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