Captain’s Log | May 2019


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We know we’ve been out at sea for a while, but we’re back with a trove of new features for May!

First off, we’ve brought you a new and improved proof timeline. Now, your timeline will let you know when a proof has been viewed and when an automatic reminder was sent! It will also let you view the actual email that was sent to your approver!

Many of our users take Ashore… Ashore? Now, when you export your proof timeline, comments are included!

When you allow your approvers to download proofs, we now have a “download all” option. This is super helpful for those of you sending many files in a proof.

Most importantly! Ashore now remembers your approver’s emails! When sending a proof, you can now auto-fill any previously used approver email!

With over 100 commits in our newest version, Ashore is feeling wavvvvvy! Our new API is also live, allowing us to expand your own software in more powerful ways! It’s easy to get started and see all of these new features. Sign up with a free account today, and finally become the captain of your own proofing process!