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Ashore App Releases New Feature: The Ability to Create and Search By Custom Fields

July 12, 2022

Everything In House Design Agencies Need For Success

A recent study by the Association of National Advertisers found that the percentage of member organizations with in house design agencies jumped from 42% to 78% between 2008 and 2018–and there’s good reason for this trend. Of those surveyed, 79% said they were satisfied with their in house team. This doesn’t mean, however, that you…

What Does Your Social Media Style Guide Need?

Do you have a social media style guide? If your company and brand has any kind of presence on social media—and in this day and age, who doesn’t?—you need to get one. This guide will detail the language, tone, and personality of your brand on the various social media platforms you use to interact with…

This Checklist Makes Website Proofing a Breeze

A marketing website is at the heart of your client’s online presence. It’s prospective and returning customers interact with the brand and learn about the products or services offered. No company can survive without a presence online, which is why companies often turn to professionals like yourself to design them a website that will delight…

What To Do When You’re At Your Creative Capacity

Creatives are often under a great amount of pressure; there are deadlines to meet, projects to juggle, and clients to impress. Part of this pressure just comes with the territory, but when it escalates, it can become a problem fast. When creatives are stretched too thin, they can’t give their all to any project —…

What Do the Fonts You Use Really Say About You?

A good design is sure to evoke an emotional reaction, whether it be happiness, power, comfort, adventure, or even anger. To accomplish this, designers make use of a variety of different elements such as shape, composition or color. For example, yellow is energetic and cheerful; circles convey community, unity or love; vertical lines communicate strength….

Your Creative Agency Process is in Need of an Upgrade

We tend to think of creativity as something free of boundaries, something with no rules or requirements, just free-flowing inspiration… and we’re not entirely wrong on that front. In order to come up with a new, valuable idea, we need some room to breathe. But, for creative agencies, it’s a balance; agencies can’t run all…

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