Share Files

Send videos, documents, web links and images to approvers for review. You can even share files from Dropbox or Google Drive!

Online Proofing

Your new online dashboard allows approvers to leave feedback without creating an account. If they forget to review, they'll be automatically reminded!

Automated Approvals

With Workflows, you can set the order that approvers review and approve your projects! Automatically capture status changes to files in Ashore.


An All-In-One System for Creative Collaboration

Design Approval System

Workflow Automation

Powerful workflow tools automate the proof approval process. Ashore tracks each project in review, and keeps everyone notified of new changes.

Design Approval System

Approvers Review Online

Give approvers the ability to review proofs online with useful annotation tools for every file type — from spreadsheets to images and webpages.

Design Approval System

Project Management Software

Using our Zapier integration, you can connect to your favorite project management software to create new tasks when proofs are approved or not approved.

Design Approval System

White-Labeled Platform

Every subscription is white-labeled; Ashore’s branding is replaced with your organization’s branding.

Design Approval System

Project Tracking Software

Ashore tracks every status change of a proof in real-time. You’ll always know who has viewed, approved or denied a proof.

Design Approval System

Requirement Tracking

Ashore helps creatives manage the scope of work on projects better through higher visibility and revision tracking.


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